A passionate and emotional sendoff during Eisenhower's Spring Chorus Concert

A passionate and emotional sendoff during Eisenhower's Spring Chorus Concert

The choir students at the Eisenhower Intermediate School delivered a passionate performance during the Spring Concert that was held before their schoolmates and staff on Wednesday, June 6.

As usual, their year-long dedication to the chorus was on full display this morning in the school’s gymnasium.

But their tones appeared to contain an extra incentive.

It was their final chance for these 5th and 6th Graders to perform for their devoted Eisenhower Choral Director, Lisa Rotondi.

Ms. Rotondi will relocate close to the Eisenhower building to the Bridgewater-Raritan High School campus in the fall, where she will begin her tenure as the Choral Director.

 She will replace Dr. John Wilson, who resigned after 17 years as the high school’s Choral Director to become the Director of Choral Activities at the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Ms. Rotondi started at Eisenhower in 2015 after four years of teaching at Crim Primary School. She took a year's leave after her youngest child was born in 2019 and then spent the 2020-21 school year teaching at Bridgewater-Raritan High School. She returned to Eisenhower in September of 2021.

After the concert on June 5 in front of the choir, she was accompanied by Art Teacher Jason Draine, who is also leaving Eisenhower to teach at the high school. 

Each was congratulated for their careers by Dr. Laura Bassett, the Eisenhower Principal, while they received a bouquet of flowers and were treated to a farewell song by the choir.

“Eisenhower choir students gave Ms. Rotondi and Mr. Draine a moving send-off as they prepare to move into their new positions at Bridgewater-Raritan High School,” Dr. Bassett stated. “Both teachers have given years of dedicated service at Eisenhower School, impacting countless lives of young artists and musicians! Students and staff alike wished their teachers well. It was a special moment to celebrate two beloved teachers who will be sorely missed!”

Ms. Rotondi shared the fondness she absorbed during her days at Eisenhower when she spoke after the concert.

“I'm feeling every possible emotion after today's concert -- proud, happy, bittersweet,” she said. “Making music with over 450 singers is an incredible experience, and I will miss my wonderful colleagues and students very much.”