Buddies joined forces to play a fun night of basketball

Buddies joined forces to play a fun night of basketball

A night filled with fun and basketball and capped with a trophy presentation was enjoyed by players and staff and spectators when the annual Basketball Buddies game was played on Thursday, March 14.

The Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School gym was the site when students from the Middle School and the Eisenhower Intermediate School joined forces to play a lively night of basketball.

Kristin Sarboukh, a Language and Learning Disabled Teacher at Eisenhower, served as the spokesperson to report and discuss this highly popular event.

“Each year, the Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School and Eisenhower Intermediate School come together for their annual Basketball Buddies program,” Ms. Sarboukh said. “ Our Language and Learning Disabled (LLD) classrooms work with various peers to learn basic basketball skills as well as practice teamwork, good sportsmanship, social skills, and of course, have tons of fun! “ 

She reported that “peers are picked based on teacher recommendations and their special ability to work with others.”

According to Ms. Sarboukh, the team at Eisenhower was made up of 5th and 6th Grade students from her(LLD class as well as students from the LLD classes of Elizabeth Barboni and Jenna Figliano and some of their peers from various homerooms. 

The team at the Middle School consisted of 7th and 8th Graders from Cheryl  Sunshine’s and Jessica Staudt’s LLD classes as well as their peers at that school.

Here were the winners of each of the rounds that were played on March 14 at the Middle School:

Round 1: BRMS Shooting Stars and IKE Dribbling Giraffes
Round 2: BRMS Speedy Dribblers and BRMS Super Star Swishers
Round 3: BRMS Dunkin' Dribblers and IKE All Stars
Round 4: BRMS Speedy Dribblers and IKE Fantastic Four
Round 5: BRMS Super Star Swishers and IKE Dribbling Giraffes

According to Ms. Sarboukh, each student received a personalized trophy that was donated by Jim Gano of Crown Trophy.

 It is with the help of such great teachers, parents, and community volunteers that we are able to continue to run our annual Basketball Buddies program,” Ms. Sarboukh said. “We are so proud to have the chance to work with and coach each and every one of our students in an event that they will never forget!’