Eisenhower opens doors to future students during orientation

Eisenhower opens doors to future students during orientation

The Eisenhower Intermediate School opened its doors to their future scholars.

Eisenhower held an orientation for the current 4th grade primary school students at the John F. Kennedy, Van Holten and Milltown on Thursday, April 20, Friday, April 22, and Monday, April 24.

Each of the three days the students and their teachers from each of the primary schools were bused to Eisenhower and greeted at the front door by the school’s Student Council members and administrators, including Principal Dr. Laura Bassett and Assistant Principal Laura Zamrok. 

The primary school students and teachers assembled in the Eisenhower all-purpose room where Dr. Bassett and Ms. Zamrok spoke and presented a slideshow about the building where these 4th Graders will become 5th Graders in September.

 The primary school teachers went on to meet the Eisenhower guidance counselors while the students were given a tour of the school by the Student Council members.