Eisenhower students deliver with robust performances at Winter Choral Concert

Eisenhower students deliver with robust performances at Winter Choral Concert

The students who comprise both the 5th Grade and 6th Grade Chorus at the Eisenhower Intermediate School faced a challenge before they took center stage for their concerts this holiday season.

The students had little time to prepare—-they did not start to start to practice until the beginning of the school year in September—and, due to a busy academic schedule, they met just once  a week to sharpen their skills.

But no problem, according to the dedicated choral directors at Eisenhower, Lisa Rotondi and Madison Kaminsky.

The 5th Grade Chorus students delivered a sound performance on Tuesday, December 12, under the guidance of Ms. Rotondi, when the Winter Choral Concert was presented in the school's gymnasium.

 Then it was the turn of the 6th Grade group who came through with their sparkling show at their Winter Choral Concert under Ms. Kaminsky on Wednesday, December 14.

Ms. Rotondi delivered her review on how her students performed when they sang Tuesday night for their families and then Wednesday during their day for the Eisenhower staff and students.

‘’They sang a diverse repertoire of winter favorites, and also highlighted student speakers who shared about holiday and cultural traditions from their families and around the world,’’ Ms. Rotondi revealed.

The popular Teacher of Choral and General Music at Eisenhower explained how her students had to endure some tests along the way.

‘’It is always a challenge to prepare and memorize exciting music in such a short time since the start of the school year, but these students have put so much heart and focus into their work.,’’ Ms. Rotondi said. ‘’Chorus meets only once a week, which makes their beautiful finished product all the more remarkable. I'm so proud of them and can't wait for our next performance at the Festival of the Arts (April).’’

While Ms. Rotondi is a veteran of successful concerts, Ms. Kaminsky is a rookie with these terrific events at Eisenhower.

‘’I am so happy with my students’ performance and proud of all of the hard work they have put into this concert,’’ Ms. Kaminsky, who is  in her first year on the staff at Eisenhower, said. ‘’This was my first concert ever as a teacher and I am beyond thrilled with an in awe of the talented and dedicated students at the Eisenhower School.’’