Finished product on stage of Seussical Jr. was a delight to the audiences at Eisenhower

Finished product on stage of Seussical Jr. was a delight to the audiences at Eisenhower

The process was long.

But in the end, it was worth it.

That proof was in full view on three occasions when the Eisenhower Intermediate School’s Drama Club presented the production of “Seussical Jr.”

The lively musical was performed during the school hours on Thursday, March 22, for the students and staff to enjoy and then later that evening when the families and friends jammed into the school’s gymnasium. 

And not even a power outage that slammed Eisenhower on Friday evening, March 23,could ruin this highly successful performance. The third and final show was moved to Monday night, March 25—-performed under the bright lights that were in operation that evening.

The Drama Club’s two devoted and energetic advisors, Kristin Sarboukh and Madison Kaminsky, set out during the autumn months when school just began to craft a cast who would eventually grow into a star studded group of a total of 50 students.

Ms. Sarboukh and Ms. Kaminsky explained the early stages when these 5th and 6th Graders first entered on stage.

“In the fall, students went through an audition process to give them an idea of what auditioning for shows is like. They were asked to sing a song of their choice from a selected few, perform a short choreographed dance, and read sides that included a role they were interested in,” Ms. Sarboukh and Ms. Kaminsky revealed.

The co-directors of the show continued to share the procession.
“Select students then participated in a callback where they were asked to read, sing, and dance again to solidify roles. The cast began rehearsing in late December every Tuesday and Thursday. There they learned the ins and outs of theater from stage directions and terms to what “tech week” is. Over the course of three months, they rehearsed, memorized, blocked, sang, danced, and everything in between.”

But not all of the stars were acting on stage.

“This year, Eisenhower also added a stage crew of nine students for the first time to help with the show. Some of their responsibilities included painting the set, creating props, organizing scene changes during performances, helping the cast with any costume changes, and anything else that goes on "behind the scenes,” Ms. Sarboukh and Ms. Kaminsky reported.

The final product was presented at three performances—both on stage and behind the curtains– in the Eisenhower gym before a delightful audience,

“With the help of both teacher and parent volunteers, all of this hard work culminated in a spectacular performance the students will never forget,” Ms. Sarboukh and Ms. Kaminsky claimed.

Here is the Seussical Jr. program.