Snowman Shuffle brings the end of dance class at Eisenhower

Snowman Shuffle brings the end of dance class at Eisenhower

A month of lessons resulted in a day of exciting and fun dancing at the Eisenhower Intermediate School.

The five physical education teachers at Eisenhower–Jim Perry, Nicole Fitzpatrick, Steve Fenton, Elyse Omerza and Beth Malekoff–instructed dance to their students over the course of the past month.

To celebrate the end of the dance lessons and to enjoy the holiday season, Eisenhower held its annual Snowman Shuffle in the school’s gym on Wednesday, December 21.

The gym was rocking with a packed house of 5th graders in the morning and then the 6th graders took to the floor to show off their moves in the afternoon.

All along, the five phys ed teachers participated in the holiday cheer. They sang and danced and served as the DJs.

“We have been running this for about eight or even 10 years,” Mr. Perry reported over the loud music and energetic student dancers in the gym. “A dance unit is part of our phys ed program. We teach such dancing as party dancing and country line dancing. This Snowman Shuffle is a cultivation of what we taught the kids in class.”

Mr. Perry acknowledged that the gym featured holiday decorations that were provided by the students.

Principal Joe Diskin was among the crowd who enjoyed the lively event.

“This is a testament to the phys ed teachers,” Principal Diskin said. “They created this and they practiced all month with the kids. And then they bring all of the students together. What a fun event it is.”