Students and staff show off their shuffling during Ike's annual dance event

Students and staff show off their shuffling during Ike's annual dance event

Dancing was inserted into instruction during the physical education classes over the past month at the Eisenhower Intermediate School.

The finished product by the 5th and 6th Grade students was on full—and loud—display on Thursday, December 21.

On this day, the school’s highly popular Snowman Shuffle dominated the entire spacious gymnasium at Eisenhower. 

So for the 11th straight winter season, the Snowman Shuffle was performed when students demonstrated their dancing skills that they learned over the last few weeks by Eisenhower’s dedicated phys ed staff—Stephen Fenton, Nicole Fitzapatrick, Beth Malakoff, Elyse Omerza and Jim Perry.

With the music blaring throughout the dimly lit gym, the teachers and students danced away.

Joining in on the festivities were Eisenhower administrators.

Eisenhower’s Principal, Dr. Laura Bassett, dressed as a snowman and appeared on stage with Assistant Principal Laura Zamrok, who officially retired the following day, December 22.

But before she shuffled away from Eisenhower, Ms. Zamrok showed off her dancing skills along with Dr. Bassett to the delight of an enthusiastic crowd of students and staff members.

“We had a month-long preparation for dancing in gym class,’’ Mr. Fenton, a devoted New York Rangers fan who wore the white sweater of the Chicago Blackhawks during the Snowman Shuffle.

The energetic Mr. Fenton is a fanatic of Chevy Chase’s character Clark Griswold, who donned the Blackhawks jersey in the movie, ''National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.''

‘’We encourage kids to dance for physical activity,’’ Mr. Fenton explained. “Their energy was high and it was a great collaboration between all of us.’’

Another spectator who enjoyed the festive event was Dave Guglietti, who is the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District’s Supervisor of Health and Physical Education.

‘’This (Snowman Shuffle) is always important and special,’’ Mr. Guglietti said. ‘’ It is fun and the kids and staff put on a show. In general, kids may not like to dance but they get to know how to and enjoy it and that is important to our curriculum.’’