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We welcome you to Eisenhower Intermediate School. As we embark on another educational journey, this school year will be a special and rewarding year in their lives. Now is the time to recognize your child’s education as something that should be celebrated and cherished.

A new school year presents opportunities for various new beginnings – new teachers and classes, new friends, new materials, and a new curriculum and learning experiences. I always get asked by parents what does my child need for this school year. Once we get beyond the standard notebooks, pens, pencils, a backpack, I believe the two most important things are a positive attitude and a smile. When children arrived at school ready to learn and are happy, they are on their way to a successful year.

We can all be proud of what we achieved during last school year and we can look back on those achievements as a springboard to a rewarding new school year. We are delighted to have all of our families as our educational partners. As this year progresses, please reach out to our family of educators, and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. We assure you that we will do our very best to help your child experience academic, social, and emotional growth and success.

Let us all make this school year the best ever.

Joseph P. Diskin

The following are a number of hints to help your child succeed in school.

  1. Foster a love of learning. Show your children that learning is a way of life.
  2. Keep the lines of communication open with teachers in a positive and respectful manner. Telephone calls, notes, conferences or e-mail are options.
  3. Help your child get organized. Together, create a schedule and calendar to maximize your child’s time.
  4. Eat as a family when possible. University studies show that families who eat together have better literacy rates because of mealtime conversations.
  5. Emphasize process as well as achievement. Foster a learning environment where the how you learn is emphasized as well as what the grade is.
  6. Set high expectations that are reasonable. Effort and achievement go hand-in-hand so instill confidence for your children to do their best.